Hi, my name is
Håkon Underbakke

I'm a Norwegian frontend developer currently doing contract work for my own company, Ryfylke React AS.

I have been doing front-end focused web development professionally for the last 7 years. These days, I mostly work with React and Typescript.



An open source initiative for self-learning coding

RTK Query Loader


A package that lets you create reusable and extendable loaders for your React components.

Telenor (project)


Working as a front-end consultant on a project related to log analysis and correlation of data.

Ryfylke React AS


Founded company. Working as an independent front-end consultant.

Haystack (POC)


A proof-of-concept data-visualisation and anti-fraud software

NDLA (game)


Developed a game for the NDLA platform

Equinor projects


Worked on two projects for Equinor through Idean.

City for City


An internal project at Idean.

Idean / Frog (Capgemini)


Worked as a front-end consultant. Took part in multiple projects.



Worked as a Legal Tech & Web Developer. Work related to contract automation. Start-up company.

I am the most comfortable when...

Working from home, in teams, along designers, using collaborative tools and task management services such as Jira or Azure Devops. Fine-tuning accessible and creative user experiences using React and Typescript.

I am an expert in...

All the front-end fundamentals such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as React, Typescript, and modern CSS solutions such as SCSS and CSS-in-JS (styled-components).

I have comprehensive experience with...

Designs systems and UI-libraries, such as...

  • Carbon Design System (contributor)
  • Equinor Design System (contributor)
  • Material UI

Javascript frameworks and tools, such as...

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Redux (Toolkit)
  • NextJS
  • gatsby
  • yup
  • react-hook-form
  • react-query
  • Jest
  • Vitest
  • Testcafe
  • jQuery

CSS technologies and concepts, such as...

  • SCSS
  • Animations
  • Responsive design
  • CSS-in-JS
  • Modern layout (flex/grid)
  • styled-components

Other web development concepts, such as...

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Semantic HTML
  • Server-side vs Client-side rendering
  • Docker
  • NPM
  • Webpack
  • Vite
  • Unit & Functional Testing
  • Version control (git)
  • Jira
  • VSTS
  • Agile / SCRUM methodology
  • Caching
  • Mocking

My journey

I started building websites back around 2010, when I was just 13 years old. Over the course of my formal education, I built many personal projects - as well as a few websites for local businesses.

In 2016, after 2 years in electronic education, and one year in IT, I started working as the only IT consultant in a start-up legal/law-tech company (LIGL AS).

At LIGL, I worked on automating the process of writing legal documents through ContractExpress Author - as well as creating a web UI for external customers to use.

After working at LIGL for 4 years, I started working as a front-end consultant at Frog (previously Idean, part of Capgemini). At Idean/Frog, I was able to work at a couple of projects at Equinor, one of them related to their design system, EDS, as well as a project at NDLA (the norwegian digital learning area) - where I developed a educational game/simulation, and one internal project called City for City. Lastly, I worked on a project/POC relating to graph visualization and data correlation, called Haystack.

In 2021, I started my own company - Ryfylke React AS. I had a contract set up with Telenor from day 1, working on another data-correlation and log analysis project. Since then I've been working full-time on this project.

At Telenor, I have mostly been working on developing new features, fixing bugs, refactoring and maintaining the codebase. In addition to my work on the front-end, I have also been very engaged in increasing the user experience and accessibility of the application - pushing for reevaluating core design decisions, and making changes where necessary - both on the UI and code level.

Besides the Telenor project, I have also been working on my company's digital presence, the open source initiative; Koding.no, other open source projects like RTK Query Loader, as well as the IRL gaming company Newbringer.

You can find me on...